Favorites, Ebay Haul, and Mini Reviews Galore

Yay for my first official post under my new blog name. I know it's a small change(chic misc->chic miscellaneous) but hey it's still something! I'm fairly new to makeup so a lot of products in this post will be cult favorites(I'm looking at you WnW) but there will also be some unknown and underrated products from Ebay and Aliexpress. I took these pictures with my Samsung phone, hence the fuzzies. I've put a filter on top to sort of hide it. Heh

The Elf eyebrow kit in Dark is one of the first makeup pieces I bought last summer, right when I started my makeup journey.  Recently I have found the kit to be too light and warm for my use but the powder on the right is perfect as a matte brown blending shade for my eyeshadow.

Speaking of eyeshadow I bought the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette during spring break and I've been loving it ever since. Super pigmented, blendable, and gorgeous neutrals for less than $5 for 8 shadows. I love it.

I won the Naked Truth palette in a giveaway a while ago and to be honest the quality is a dud compared to the 8-pan palette. I do like using the definer shade for my eyebrows though. I like using a mix of powder eyeshadow and the Marcelle eyebrow accent crayon in black for my eyebrows. I find the pencil gets a bit splotchy and the powder doesn't give enough shape. The combo is great!

The Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation in shade 942 is finally matching me again since it was my summer foundation. I can't wait to use it more and bring it with me on vacation!!

I rarely use blush since it makes my makeup too heavy(or I've yet to find the perfect one!) but when I do I like to apply the WnW Berry Shimmer blush on my cheeks.

I bought the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light during spring break, as it was on sale for $5.99. Unfortunately London Drugs doesn't carry a lot of shades and I had to pick between light or medium, so I opted for a lighter shade.  I have to use a light hand otherwise I look too ghostly.
These next two products are absolutely amazing finds.  The NYC Sunny bronzer is a cult favorite and heavily praised on by Youtubers. It's a bit orange but I like to use a light hand on my cheeks. The WnW lipstick in Bare It All is such a lovely nude lipstick, it reminds me of the signature Kylie Jenner look and looks great paired with a lip liner.
A swatch of the WnW lipstick and the Elf eyebrow powder.

The Ebay haul portion of this post is the part I was most looking forward to. 
First off, let me show you this amazing gold eyeshadow I got for $0.50!! 
Holy poop, the pigmentation on this eyeshadow is off the charts. It's not too shimmery and is the perfect gold for my skintone. I love it, I love it. I did get it on auction so I can no longer find the listing but you can find it on Aliexpress for about a dollar.

My favorite and most used products from Ebay are definitely my makeup brushes. I got a big flat top brush for my foundation but I use it for powder, blush, and bronzer as well. It's really soft and hasn't shed at all.

I got an angled brush for my eyebrows and I have to admit it has truly changed my eyebrow game. That's all I have to say. Got it for $0.50 on Aliexpress.

Next I have two eyeshadow brushes that I use everyday for my daily looks. The fluffy one I got for $1.25, while the shading brush was only $0.50. Both are so soft and have not shed a single hair. 

The last thing I got were some hair spirals for $0.30 since I really wanted to try the ones by Goody but didn't want to pay that much for pieces of plastic. I haven't used it since.

That's it for my super cheap haul. What do you have that's super affordable but also super amazing? Tell me in the comments below I'd love to hear about it. :)