BB Cream for your hair?! Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme

I've heard of BB cream for your body, and bb cream for the face, and now Pantene is introducing a bb cream for your hair!

I received the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate10 in 1 BB creme line from BzzAgent about a week ago and I've been pleasantly surprised. The last campain I reviewed from Bzzagent was also hair care products, the Herbal Essences naked collection which I was only sort of impressed by(I also lost it when I was travelling).
But seriously I've been loving this Pantene BB Creme!

I use this product to smoothen and tame my hair especially on second day hair if it's been up in a ponytail or in need of a quick fix. I recently dyed my hair red so I don't like washing it too much in fear of color loss.  It's also why I haven't tried the shampoo/conditioner yet because I don't think it's safe on colored hair.  I loove this stuff. The consistency is like that of a lotion/cream and is very lightweight. Upon application my fingers go through my hair so smoothly. It's a miracle in a bottle. I haven't had the best luck with hair conditioners/serums but I've been loving this. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy. The scent isn't overpowering either.
I highly recommend this product! I will probably buy this when I run out.




It's officially September now! My mind is already in fall mode and here are some of my favourite fall staples for my wardrobe.

I think a good trench coat is always a necessity for those autumn days, since it is easy to throw on and layer with any outfit. 

Next you're going to need a sweater, or a couple, maybe more.. I chose a knitted striped sweater since stripes are so awesome and go with everything. This will keep you looking cute and casual.

Boyfriend jeans, or just distressed jeans in general are an essential for me. Pretty much a blue pair and a black pair is all you need to build your outfits on for the whole season. 

A white tee shirt will be great for layering with a flannel, or even a cardigan over. I love my cardigans and they're so cozy. Fall just means cozy errythang for me. 
And also- no one's going to need to know if I didn't shave my legs for a week.

Now onto the shoes I always like a good pair of booties. I'm currently on the hunt for some tan booties, but black booties will be just as versatile.

A nice knit scarf keeps me warm and comfy for my walks to school. 

What are your fall essentials? Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? 
Leave a comment below I'd love to read it!