Wet n Wild Prizes

I won a Wet N Wild Giveaway about a month ago when they were hosting giveaways on a bunch of blogs to promote their Steal The Look app and just received my prize today! I have been looking forward to this for so long.  Originally, I was told I was going to get the four products the app generated, but I ended up with so much more! Thank you Wet N Wild for these amazing products. I'm so excited to try these yay! Also, thank you to Vanessa(http://citronandguavaberry.blogspot.ca/) for hosting this awesome giveaway.  I've heard so much good things about Wet N Wild products; they're known for being affordable and performing very well. 

Have you tried Wet N Wild makeup? What's your favourite product?  Leave me a comment :) 

Also sorry for not posting in a while I've been busy with school stuff but I'll try to post more during the holidays. Merry (early) Christmas!!


Monopoly Game Night!

I love Monopoly! Everyone loves monopoly. Sometimes it can be a little long and confusing for the little ones to play but Monopoly Junior is a great one to have for the younger ones in the house. When I got chosen for this voxbox from Influenster I was really excited, so was my little brother. The first two games we played he beat me!  The rules for Monopoly Junior are much simplified and games end fast.  However I will be introducing some harder modified rules later so we can have even more fun.  I love that we get to play with "money" and he gets to practice his math.  It allows for some fun learning.

As a kid, Hasbro board games have always played a big role in my childhood.  Games like Jenga, Scrabble, and Guess Who are very nostalgic of my younger self.  Now my brother can have this memory as well! I think board games are so important in the development of social skills, even basic math and techniques

Here he is with the game.  

Have you played monopoly? Do your family/friends get really into it? One time my friends got so mad they didn't talk to each other for a week!

It's Remembrance day on Tuesday in Canada.  Will you be attending any ceremonies this weekend?  I was actually a flag bearer in my school's ceremony.


Longer Lashes with Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes

I've been blessed with short limpy lashes and no mascara seems to work on them.  Voluminous mascaras are too heavy and weigh my lashes down, lengthening mascaras aren't noticeable.  Needless to say when I got the opportunity to review these 3D fiber lashes by Mia Adora I was very excited!

I'm sure you've heard of fiber lashes but basically they're little fibers you apply on your eyelashes so that mascara clings onto them and make them appear fuller and longer.

This 3-step mascara kit claims to magnify lashes up to 300% without glue or falsies.  It also comes with an ebook manual on how to fully optimize this product.  One thing is that it claims to be water resistant but it says to remove you use warm water...

The application process is very simple, first apply the magnifying gel so the fibers have something to stick to, apply the fibers, and then lock them in with the magnifying gel.

Anyway, here are my before and after results.
My limpy naked eyelashes...
After using the 3D Fiber lashes. Awesome right? 
Here is the link if you'd like to try for yourself!!

Have you ever used fiber lashes? Do you prefer them to falsies or even your favourite mascara? 
Have a great day!!


Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil & Shadow

I've heard so many good things about Essence that I decided to give a shot at one of their products: the Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil/shadow stick in shade 07 Whipped White Frosting.
I wanted to get a cheap white eyeliner for highlighting my eyes and when I swatched a bunch of white eyeliners in Shoppers, this one really stood out to me because when I rubbed the swatches most of them disappeared, but this stuck really well to my skin. I also got in trouble with the employee since these weren't supposed to be used because they weren't testers. Oopsies.
As far as I know, Essence is only sold in Shoppers(in Canada) and has a really cute display. Most items look really cheap/childish but are worth the try. I got this shadow stick for only $2.99!
Flash vs No Flash!
It has microshimmers in it which is absolutely gorgeous for highlighting. These are supposed to be eyeshadows as well but I use it like an eyeliner.  It tugs a bit on my eyelids, however it glides nicely on my waterline and can be buildable. I love that it doesn't budge once it sets. This is supposed to last 16 hours, be waterproof and smudgeproof but I haven't put that to the test yet.
 There are a couple of other gorgeous shades that I swatched in the store, like the copper one and the teal one.  This has a sheen of shimmer to it which works well at brightening my eyes. 
The one problem I have with this is that the product keeps slipping out of the pencil but I just push it back in :) I think this an issue with a lot of cheap eye pencils like this? 

I'm excited to try more things from Essence, I heard that their gel eyeliner and nail polishes are great! 
Which budget brands do you like? Have you ever tried anything from Essence? x


Memebox Global #15 Unboxing/Review

Today I am going to be boxing the MeMebox Global #15. Memebox is a Korean based beauty box without the monthly commitment, you get to choose which themed boxes you'd like and only buy them when you want to!

I was really excited for this since the Memebox unboxings I've seen are so awesome and I think the one I chose(Global) is great for a beginner like me, since it has a variety of beauty products, six out of 7 are full sized which is pretty awesome.

Here is the info card:

Mise en scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180 ml(full size)
Retail Value: 180ml for $16
This is a repair treatment pack used after shampooing, it is supposed to deliver deep nutrition, repair, and protect damaged hair. It's basically a deep conditioner. I like that it only requires 2-3 minutes on the hair since I can be impatient when doing hair masks that need to take hours to absorb.
Mise en scene Perfect Serum 70 ml(full size)
Retail Value: 70ml for $9
A highly concentrated hair serum used before/after blow drying to give hair the silky, nourished finish. Engriched with 7 different natural oils - arge, carmellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, arpicot, and marula.  I'm more excited for this than the conditioner, but both are by the same brand so we'll see how that turns out..
Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam 75ml(full size)
Retail Value: 75ml for $8
This cleanser claims to have cream-like foam bubbles to penetrate deep into your pores, cleansing away any makeup residues, skin impurities, blackheads, and dead skin cells delivering a moist, clean, and brighter face.  I've been using the same cleanser for years now and I think this will give me a great change to my usual routine. I'm going to try this tonight! I really like the look of the packaging.

Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF30PA++ 20g(sample size)
Retail Value: 50g for $24
Tonymoly is a Korean brand that I've actually heard of so I expect good things from this product! It's supposed to be a BB, CC cream, and foundation all in one. It doesn't quite match my hand but I think my face is a bit lighter so it will be ok. It's a bit dewy which might not suit my oily skin, but I'm thinking of using it as a primer under my foundation or even as a highlighter. 
Lol I like the product description "Air light base But perfect" uhh air light base already sounds super awesome, maybe it thinks I don't like that so it has to convince me with the 'but perfect' part? :D
Miss Age Snail Anti Wrinkle serum 50ml(full size)
Retail Value: 50ml for $53
Snail beauty products seem to be a huge thing in Korea, so there must be something good about it! It contains over 5500mg of snail mucus extracts(?) to revive damaged skin with abundant moisture and nutrition while treating signs of aging and improving skin elasticity. I gave this to my mom since I don't quite need this. 

Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure 30 seconds 5.5g (full size)
Retail Value: 5.5g for $12
There were a total of 5 shades which were randomly sent out by Memebox, I got shade 03 Pure Peach. It's basically a matte lip cream, and a bit too bright/light for my skin tone but I'll try it. I would have liked another shade like 01 Cynical Plum or 04 Sweet Rasberry. I don't usually like bright pink lips on myself.
Shara Shara I wanna Pencil Gel Liner(full size)
Retail Value: $8
I haven't opened this yet but I think I got the Dark Brown shade? It comes with a mini sharpener at the end of the pencil. That's actually pretty neat. It claims to be a non-smudging matte gel eyeliner. I'm happy I got this as well since I've been wanted to try some new eyeliner, and since I normally don't wear eyeliner I think brown will be really natural. Perhaps I can even use it on my eyebrows...?

The Verdict: I really liked the variety in this Memebox and I think the next one I buy will be one of their themed boxes like maybe a pore themed box or a makeup box? I was really happy with this box I will use everything I got! It's pretty awesome that most of the stuffs was full sized. I think memebox is really good at sending quality items and it's nice to try out some overseas things that you wouldn't otherwise buy yourself(like the snail serum).

I received this box for free using coupon codes which I posted about on a while ago.  If you actually did that I'd love to hear about what you got and if you're a regular Memebox-er I'd love to hear your experience with Memebox as well! Have a nice day, thanks for reading!!!


BB Cream for your hair?! Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme

I've heard of BB cream for your body, and bb cream for the face, and now Pantene is introducing a bb cream for your hair!

I received the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate10 in 1 BB creme line from BzzAgent about a week ago and I've been pleasantly surprised. The last campain I reviewed from Bzzagent was also hair care products, the Herbal Essences naked collection which I was only sort of impressed by(I also lost it when I was travelling).
But seriously I've been loving this Pantene BB Creme!

I use this product to smoothen and tame my hair especially on second day hair if it's been up in a ponytail or in need of a quick fix. I recently dyed my hair red so I don't like washing it too much in fear of color loss.  It's also why I haven't tried the shampoo/conditioner yet because I don't think it's safe on colored hair.  I loove this stuff. The consistency is like that of a lotion/cream and is very lightweight. Upon application my fingers go through my hair so smoothly. It's a miracle in a bottle. I haven't had the best luck with hair conditioners/serums but I've been loving this. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy. The scent isn't overpowering either.
I highly recommend this product! I will probably buy this when I run out.




It's officially September now! My mind is already in fall mode and here are some of my favourite fall staples for my wardrobe.

I think a good trench coat is always a necessity for those autumn days, since it is easy to throw on and layer with any outfit. 

Next you're going to need a sweater, or a couple, maybe more.. I chose a knitted striped sweater since stripes are so awesome and go with everything. This will keep you looking cute and casual.

Boyfriend jeans, or just distressed jeans in general are an essential for me. Pretty much a blue pair and a black pair is all you need to build your outfits on for the whole season. 

A white tee shirt will be great for layering with a flannel, or even a cardigan over. I love my cardigans and they're so cozy. Fall just means cozy errythang for me. 
And also- no one's going to need to know if I didn't shave my legs for a week.

Now onto the shoes I always like a good pair of booties. I'm currently on the hunt for some tan booties, but black booties will be just as versatile.

A nice knit scarf keeps me warm and comfy for my walks to school. 

What are your fall essentials? Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? 
Leave a comment below I'd love to read it!


Trends I've Fallen For

Untitled #286

I live in Vancouver, it's practically hipsters everywhere. Once one person starts wearing/doing a thing, everyone follows! And sometimes I can't help it...some things are just too pretty to pass up.
Here are some things that I've fallen for lately but I'm probably too cool to admit.  Get the pun? It's almost fall since school starts for many people..hence why I've fallen for these things. I'm lame okay?

First up are flowy shorts!! You've seen these on young teenaged girls and probably others but these are both comfy and cute. You look like you tried but you're pretty much wearing sweatpants. Does it get better? Nahh.
Birkenstocks...not really a trend since it's not new but I've recently rediscovered them and they're on everyone's feet! Comfy and cute..I'm noticing a theme here.
My next favourite trend is single strap sandals. I've mostly been seeing these on blogs than in real life but I'm in shoe envy! They are so chic and go with everything. It rains a lot here so I don't know if I want to invest in a nice pair but these are definitely on my wish list! 
Pretty much floral is my favourite print evarr and kimonos are an essential! Especially from transition for summer into fall, kimonos are going to be great for those days where I'm not sure if it's warm but still wanna be prepared.  
Next I just have a picture of Vanessa Hudgens because she is my style queen and I love her! Have you seen her Coachella outfits? I'm constantly in envy of this woman.
Overalls are just great overall. That was lame. But seriously. Once again, old but new.
I feel like I'm gonna need a nice wool floppy hat for my fall wardrobe. Currently on the hunt. Forever21 seems to have some decently priced ones but I have quite a big head so this will be tricky.
Last but not least, open toed/heel boots! Or are they sandals? Whatever they are I want some!! I thought they were kind of odd and ugly at first but I've really come to like them a lot! 


Back to School Wishlist: YoyoMelody

How adorable is that penguin t shirt?! I love the floral blouse as well, so boho chic. Yoyomelody is having a back to school wishlist giveaway. Create your own wishlist and you will have a chance to win a $100 coupon to spend at YoyoMelody!  All participants get $5 to spend on any item!


Hey guys! I have been MIA lately and I'm really sorry for that but mainly I've been busy with personal things. I got back from summer camp a couple of weeks ago, my family has been looking for a new car since our old one got totaled, and just some other stuff I've been doing like back to school shopping(mostly clothes though aha).

I am looking for more inspiration and creative posts to write but in the meantime I won't have too much stuff to blog about.  I have a couple of reviews in mind such as the Schick Intuition razor I got to sample, as well as a memebox that should be coming in soon.

In the meantime, happy summer! Stay hydrated. :)




Here are some of the things I've been eyeing the past month and plan to get soon. Of course the beauty products are really nothing new but I haven't had the time/money to get them yet.  Happy summer guys!


Free makeup from MEMEBOX

Memebox is an online company that sells 4 or more Korean beauty products in boxes(almost like a subscription), as well as cosmetics from Korea.  There are makeup items such as BB cream, mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadow and such on the website.  You can get free cosmetics through this website.  Here's how:

If you sign up  you automatically get 10 memepoints(equivalent to $10 USD) which you can spend on their products. 
UPDATE: use code TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off your purchase. Enjoy!
 If you then use the discount code MEMEBOXKIIP you get another $7 off your purchase, which you would otherwise have to spend on shipping.  This expires in the end of June. You can get makeup at absolutely no cost! 
If you have any questions leave a comment below I'll try to answer it as best as I can.  I haven't tried this yet but I will soon when I find something that I like. Good luck!


Some Summer Things

Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been busy with exams(mainly procastinating) and stuff for school.  I tried thinking of blog post ideas but mostly just got lazy and ended up watching more TV.

On the other hand I won't be posting much during the summer either since I'll be away for most of it.  Here are some things I picked up at Superstore today!

I picked up the Garnier Pure Long-lasting shine control moisturizer since I have get really oily on my nose, especially during warm weather.  It was $9.99 and I really hope it works since I don't want to be a grease ball during the summer months.  The packaging is also super cute with this nice light blue.
The next ting I got was Dove's visibly smooth antiperspirant/deodorant in wild rose scent. I know antiperspirants aren't the best for the body since they stop you from sweating however most deodorants nowadays advertise as antiperspirant so it's almost inavoidable. This was about $3.48.
The last thing I got was sunscreen; I had originally bought sunscreen for the summertime already but apparently you can't bring aerosol spray sunscreens on airplanes so I bought this as a back up.  It was the cheapest sunscreen I could find, $4.97 and I chose it in SPF60, the highest of the choices.  They had SPF15, 30, and 60.  I swatched it on my hand to see if it was greasy and surprisingly it isn't and doesn't have a strong sunscreen scent either.  I'm pleasantly surprised!


Ingredients of Style

A couple weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by http://www.IngredientsofStyle.com/, which is a wonderful blog by Louise that explains the science behind beauty products and cosmetics.

For example, if you've ever wondered why silicone is in so many hair products and skin products that we use everyday, those questions are answered on her blog.  Sometimes the ingredients in what we put on ourselves are dismissed, but many of them can be damaging or have long term effects on our bodies.  Good thing there is more knowledge on these type of things nowadays, thanks to blogs like Ingredients of Style.

I received quite a handful of things! I'm really excited to try all this stuff out, especially the Lip Elixir which I don't think is sold where I live.  Look how pretty the lip gloss is as well! I've been wanting to try the Maybelline BB Creams as well and since I have 2 shades I can mix them once I get darker in the summer.  I was also sent a $25 gift card to J.Crew, hello spring clothes!!
Thank you so much Louise, I'm super grateful and happy that I won your giveaway.  Check out her blog as well as her twitter if you have any questions on makeup products!