Here are some of the things I've been eyeing the past month and plan to get soon. Of course the beauty products are really nothing new but I haven't had the time/money to get them yet.  Happy summer guys!


Free makeup from MEMEBOX

Memebox is an online company that sells 4 or more Korean beauty products in boxes(almost like a subscription), as well as cosmetics from Korea.  There are makeup items such as BB cream, mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadow and such on the website.  You can get free cosmetics through this website.  Here's how:

If you sign up  you automatically get 10 memepoints(equivalent to $10 USD) which you can spend on their products. 
UPDATE: use code TRYMEMEBOX for $15 off your purchase. Enjoy!
 If you then use the discount code MEMEBOXKIIP you get another $7 off your purchase, which you would otherwise have to spend on shipping.  This expires in the end of June. You can get makeup at absolutely no cost! 
If you have any questions leave a comment below I'll try to answer it as best as I can.  I haven't tried this yet but I will soon when I find something that I like. Good luck!


Some Summer Things

Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been busy with exams(mainly procastinating) and stuff for school.  I tried thinking of blog post ideas but mostly just got lazy and ended up watching more TV.

On the other hand I won't be posting much during the summer either since I'll be away for most of it.  Here are some things I picked up at Superstore today!

I picked up the Garnier Pure Long-lasting shine control moisturizer since I have get really oily on my nose, especially during warm weather.  It was $9.99 and I really hope it works since I don't want to be a grease ball during the summer months.  The packaging is also super cute with this nice light blue.
The next ting I got was Dove's visibly smooth antiperspirant/deodorant in wild rose scent. I know antiperspirants aren't the best for the body since they stop you from sweating however most deodorants nowadays advertise as antiperspirant so it's almost inavoidable. This was about $3.48.
The last thing I got was sunscreen; I had originally bought sunscreen for the summertime already but apparently you can't bring aerosol spray sunscreens on airplanes so I bought this as a back up.  It was the cheapest sunscreen I could find, $4.97 and I chose it in SPF60, the highest of the choices.  They had SPF15, 30, and 60.  I swatched it on my hand to see if it was greasy and surprisingly it isn't and doesn't have a strong sunscreen scent either.  I'm pleasantly surprised!