Some Summer Things

Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been busy with exams(mainly procastinating) and stuff for school.  I tried thinking of blog post ideas but mostly just got lazy and ended up watching more TV.

On the other hand I won't be posting much during the summer either since I'll be away for most of it.  Here are some things I picked up at Superstore today!

I picked up the Garnier Pure Long-lasting shine control moisturizer since I have get really oily on my nose, especially during warm weather.  It was $9.99 and I really hope it works since I don't want to be a grease ball during the summer months.  The packaging is also super cute with this nice light blue.
The next ting I got was Dove's visibly smooth antiperspirant/deodorant in wild rose scent. I know antiperspirants aren't the best for the body since they stop you from sweating however most deodorants nowadays advertise as antiperspirant so it's almost inavoidable. This was about $3.48.
The last thing I got was sunscreen; I had originally bought sunscreen for the summertime already but apparently you can't bring aerosol spray sunscreens on airplanes so I bought this as a back up.  It was the cheapest sunscreen I could find, $4.97 and I chose it in SPF60, the highest of the choices.  They had SPF15, 30, and 60.  I swatched it on my hand to see if it was greasy and surprisingly it isn't and doesn't have a strong sunscreen scent either.  I'm pleasantly surprised!

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