Trends I've Fallen For

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I live in Vancouver, it's practically hipsters everywhere. Once one person starts wearing/doing a thing, everyone follows! And sometimes I can't help it...some things are just too pretty to pass up.
Here are some things that I've fallen for lately but I'm probably too cool to admit.  Get the pun? It's almost fall since school starts for many people..hence why I've fallen for these things. I'm lame okay?

First up are flowy shorts!! You've seen these on young teenaged girls and probably others but these are both comfy and cute. You look like you tried but you're pretty much wearing sweatpants. Does it get better? Nahh.
Birkenstocks...not really a trend since it's not new but I've recently rediscovered them and they're on everyone's feet! Comfy and cute..I'm noticing a theme here.
My next favourite trend is single strap sandals. I've mostly been seeing these on blogs than in real life but I'm in shoe envy! They are so chic and go with everything. It rains a lot here so I don't know if I want to invest in a nice pair but these are definitely on my wish list! 
Pretty much floral is my favourite print evarr and kimonos are an essential! Especially from transition for summer into fall, kimonos are going to be great for those days where I'm not sure if it's warm but still wanna be prepared.  
Next I just have a picture of Vanessa Hudgens because she is my style queen and I love her! Have you seen her Coachella outfits? I'm constantly in envy of this woman.
Overalls are just great overall. That was lame. But seriously. Once again, old but new.
I feel like I'm gonna need a nice wool floppy hat for my fall wardrobe. Currently on the hunt. Forever21 seems to have some decently priced ones but I have quite a big head so this will be tricky.
Last but not least, open toed/heel boots! Or are they sandals? Whatever they are I want some!! I thought they were kind of odd and ugly at first but I've really come to like them a lot! 

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