Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil & Shadow

I've heard so many good things about Essence that I decided to give a shot at one of their products: the Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil/shadow stick in shade 07 Whipped White Frosting.
I wanted to get a cheap white eyeliner for highlighting my eyes and when I swatched a bunch of white eyeliners in Shoppers, this one really stood out to me because when I rubbed the swatches most of them disappeared, but this stuck really well to my skin. I also got in trouble with the employee since these weren't supposed to be used because they weren't testers. Oopsies.
As far as I know, Essence is only sold in Shoppers(in Canada) and has a really cute display. Most items look really cheap/childish but are worth the try. I got this shadow stick for only $2.99!
Flash vs No Flash!
It has microshimmers in it which is absolutely gorgeous for highlighting. These are supposed to be eyeshadows as well but I use it like an eyeliner.  It tugs a bit on my eyelids, however it glides nicely on my waterline and can be buildable. I love that it doesn't budge once it sets. This is supposed to last 16 hours, be waterproof and smudgeproof but I haven't put that to the test yet.
 There are a couple of other gorgeous shades that I swatched in the store, like the copper one and the teal one.  This has a sheen of shimmer to it which works well at brightening my eyes. 
The one problem I have with this is that the product keeps slipping out of the pencil but I just push it back in :) I think this an issue with a lot of cheap eye pencils like this? 

I'm excited to try more things from Essence, I heard that their gel eyeliner and nail polishes are great! 
Which budget brands do you like? Have you ever tried anything from Essence? x


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  2. Awww, sorry to hear that the pencil keeps slipping out of its case! I wonder if that's because it has broken at the base.