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Here are the products I've been loving lately! The nudes palette is my love, I use it to contour my eyes and fill in my brows every morning. The pink sponge is a BB dupe I got from ebay for less than a dollar. The quality is amazing although I can't say it's identical since I don't have the real one. It seriously makes my makeup application faster and look more flawless! On the right are some Real Technique face brush dupes I also ordered off ebay. These were only $2 each and are great for everything. One of the brushes are more tapered so I prefer to use it to contour, whereas the other one is great for buffing in foundation/applying powder! 

I was sent 2 amazing products last month, one of them being the Body Shop miracle blur primer. It works to fill in pores, but I find that it doesn't control oil as much as I wish. It's okay because it's more targeted toward filling in wrinkles and smoothening the skin.

I also got this stunning Rob Scheppy eyeshadow palette in a giveaway. Rob Scheppy is Kim Kardashian's MUA and this palette is designed with 4 matte shades and 4 complimentary shimmery shades. I prefer mostly the top eyeshadows because there is a bit of glittery fallout on the second row of shadows.

Here is a closeup of the BB dupe! A lil dirty but good

This month was the final month of school and I'm just so happy to have all my exams over with and get on with summer time babyyyyy. I have so many amazing travel opportunities coming up this year and I'm truly grateful for all that's happening to me. Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you have many opportunities awaiting you as well. See you in my next post, whenever that may be!

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