Asian Dramas and American TV Shows

I think instead of me trying to write beauty and fashion posts, which I will continue to do, I will focus more on my passions and what I truly enjoy doing or in this case watching.  And that's TV.

My first ever Korean Drama was Winter Sonata.  I watched this with my mom when I was like 6.  We had this dubbed and on DVD.  I've rewatched it a handful of times, despite how ridiculous the amnesia, birth secrets, and incest bits were.
As I got older, probably when I was around 10, Korean dramas were reintroduced to me by my dad.  What did he show me?  The crack of all cracks: Boys Over Flowers.  The horrendous acting of Gu Hye Sun still haunts me to this day.  Lee Min Ho however is still one of my favourites, especially in City Hunter which I've also rewatched many times.

If you also watch Asian dramas, which is your favourite one?  I recommend:

City Hunter- Action, politics and romance all in one, plus Lee Min Ho is the lead.  What's not to love?  The actors and soundtrack in this are amazing.  

Queen Inhyun's Man- The romance and chemistry in this drama is one of the strongest in all the dramas I've seen.  It's about these lovers who are set apart by time and space yet somehow always come back to eachother.  I've rewatched this too many times to count.

My Love From The Star-  This drama is the most recent one out of the three I've mentioned.  Kim Soo Hyun is fine as hell and he plays a 300 yr old "alien" in this drama who falls in love with a human.  Yadayada.

If you don't watch Asian dramas which are your favourite American tv shows?  Mine are constantly changing, I just watch whatever I feel like(my guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With the Kardashians shhh).  My all time favourite would have to be One Tree Hill.  Such a classic.  I probably watched this when I was around 8.  I remember coming home after school everyday and watching the epic drama of Tree Hill.  Ahh good times.  I still ship Naley til this day.

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