SammyDress: Dress for Less

I'm sure you've probably heard about SammyDress before, but I'll do a brief summary of the company.  SammyDress is an online asian wholesale website that, as you can guess, sells cheap clothing at a wholesale price.  There is a huge variety of clothing from dresses to shoes, jewelry, and bags.

Now I've done enough of my own research to know that Sammy Dress doesn't have the fastest/cheapest shipping prices or that their clothing is the best quality.  I do however believe that you have to pick and choose, looking for products with good reviews and feedback.

I actually won a giveaway for $15 to SammyDress about 3 months ago, and I will be showing you guys what I got.  My review is completely honest and I have not received any compensation from SammyDress this is my opinion only.
First I have to say that shipping took way too long.  I placed my order right on Valentine's day and received it today, almost 2 months later!  I thought it had gone missing!  Also something very strange is that my package was shipped from Sweden, even though this is a China based company.

Left is the website's image of the dress I ordered.  Right is me in the dress.  I've been wanting a black dress for quite some time now, and I thought this would be a good purchase.  As you can see my dress and the model's dress is mostly the same.  The quality of my dress isn't as thick as it looks in the product image, and is a bit wrinkly.  It almost feels like a cheap velvet material.  This dress only came in one size, so I did carefully look at the measurements before ordering.  This dress wasn't great, but I didn't have too high expectations anyway.
Next I got this eyebrow pencil type thing just to see what quality their makeup is.  It actually works surprisingly well, but it isn't waterproof like it says it is.  So there's a bit of false advertisement.
So to conclude I'm not particularly disappointed or satisfied by SammyDress' items as of now, the only thing to take note of is that shipping does take quite some time.  If you're looking for something cheap that is trendy and you don't expect to wear/use for a long time, then go for it.  I also think there are other cheap alternativess to get clothes from such as Forever21, H&M, or Target which are much more reliable! 


  1. been promoting their site ever since but haven't really receive any product from them, after all review is not only for good ones it has to be honest and I respect your review on them. there will be times like this, but the one related to their online shop rosewholesale is much more satisfactory in my opinion, received their stuff and they are all what I'm expecting. sorry to hear about what h

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    1. I totally agree, I hate it when bloggers are dishonest because they get sponsored! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

  2. Good review! I find shipping is a common problem with all these wholesalers!