Mini Haul

I did a little bit of thrifting and shopping yesterday! It's almost spring and I'm really excited for sunnier weather.  The thing is when it's summer I wish for winter, and when it's winter I wish for summer; I'm never really content with what I have. Anyway let me show you what I got!!
These really cute high waisted shorts were only $3.99 at Value Village! I admit they may be a size or two too big but if I roll up the hem and wear a belt it's do-able.

 The next item I got is a lace tank top by Hollister, I also got this from Value Village for $5.99.  What caught my eye is the cute lace details at the bottom! How cute is that?  Next, I bought a pair of high waisted jeans and a simple black crop top.  I did attempt to take pictures of those but unfortunately those turned out terrible so here are some socks I got!!

These were only a dollar a pair at Ardene.  There are pugs! on! my! socks!

What clothing items are you most excited to sport in the springtime?


  1. I love this top!! It's so beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much! I love it very much and can't wait to wear it.