Spring Wishlist: Pastels

I'm so excited for spring! Look at all the pretty colours! I've been wearing mostly black and blues for the past couple weeks and I'm so ready to spice things up with the sunnier weather coming in. Plus I'm going to try to ombre my hair at home tomorrow with the L'Oreal Feria ombre kit.  I'll probably post some pictures up soon with my results!

I'm going to link where these items are from(left to right) and why I think they're perfect for springtime.

1. I think the Blue Bandeau Lace Prom Dress is perfect for spring because it's such a nice blue and seems so cute to frolic around in! I know it says it's a prom dress but I think it could be worn down very easily with a denim coat or a cardigan and some boots! And it's on sale right now for only £10
2. This super cute spaghetti strap tank is by She Inside and I love it for its subtle bird print and how flowy the top is.  The spaghetti straps make it perfect for spring making it a light top.  I really like the apricot colour too.
3. The Reef flounce crop top by Delias is such a POP off colour making it such a staple for the spring! It could be worn with high waisted shorts, jeans, or skirts, you name it. It would also be nice worn under a sheer shirt or a cutout top.
4. Shoes shoes shoes! I chose these wonderful gold plated sandals from Shoemint to kind of match all the other bright colours we may be sporting!  These sandals are so sleek and it is so much better than just wearing black shoes.
5. Next is the pale blue skirt by Nastygal; it's great to wear with crop tops and sweaters, maybe even thigh highs during the colder days.  The pleated effect and zipper on the back of this skirt is what makes it stand out the most to me. This would go great with the Reef crop top I mentioned before; I think the colours would compliment eachother nicely.
6. My favourite item on this list is definitely the lace slip dress.  I've been wanting a dress like this forever, a simple and boho white dress that's very simple and very feminine.  Definitely great for those lazy days where I still wanna feel cute!
7. Last but not least: Overalls!  Overalls are another staple for the spring and can be worn with a simple t shirt and tights.  Could definitely go crazy with pinafore dresses as well!  A transition piece if this were worn with a sweater or hoodie.

That's what's on my spring wishlist, but what's on yours?

This is completely irrelevant but here is my rant;

I ordered a pair of cutout boots from Urban Outfitters last week and what do you know this week they have a 25% off sale for all their shoes! I should have waited...super annoyed that I can't get a refund or anything but it is what it is.

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